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Big South Photo Teaser

By: The Poudre Posse

Cross Your Fingers. The Gate Should Be Open Soon!

Nate Mack layin' the smack down on Starter Fluid: photo TG

Adrian Mathew getting it started with a fancy and fluid like boof: photo LE

Leif (Life) Embertson getting buried in a Bar Room Brawl at high flow: photo ES


Life sequence of a Fantasy

Headless horseman or Adrian Mathew nailing the line at Cool World: photo LE

Kato sealing the deal. Too Cool for the World: photo ES

Old Man River post Meltdown

O.D. (Original Dad) Ethan Greene lining it up for Prime Time: photo TH

Oli green boat about to float late on Double Trouble: photo TG

Patrick F. slides many ways: photo TH

Frenchy in his fave. Thanks for everything at Mbuzz. We gots your back: photo TH

Ethan making the Slideways ferry at 2 ft (BS Gauge): photo TH

Paddlers making the far river right ferry at 3.4 ft (BS Gauge, which is no longer in existence by the way): photo ES

Gate should be open soon bitches! Inviting everybody to come and git sum!